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Online Coaching

WALK TO RUN: Service

You've got a goal in mind but unsure where to start and need some help getting there. Online coaching can help provide the support you need with bespoke training advice. This is not a one size fits all training plan, it's designed specifically for you, taking into account the complexities of the female body and busy lifestyles.

Here's what you get..

  • Initial phone consultation to find out more about you - goal, running experience, how many times you can train, injuries etc but also overall health & wellbeing.

  • Customised 4 week block training plan suited for your work/life balance. Including progression time trial. Typically a week would consist of easy runs, workouts and 1 long run.

  • Guidance for every workout

  • Adaptive to your feedback and progress / change in training focus / lifestyle

  • Unlimited Email / phone support and motivation 

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Cost: £45 per 4 week block.

To starting training or if you have any questions contact me at

WALK TO RUN: Testimonial

Amanda is an excellent coach who helps you to enjoy running and instills confidence - I would recommend her to anyone starting running or restarting running after a break.

Annabel McKeran

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