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There's never been a better time to chuck on a pair of trainers and head out for a run. Suitable if you are new to running, returning from injury, had time off running or post baby. So what makes this course any different to all the other couch to 5k plans out there? We focus on easy running aiming to build a strong foundation, improve aerobic fitness coupled with specific strengthening needed to run strong for longer and ENJOY running through a holistic approach. Oh and you get a qualified run coach guiding you every step of the way.

I've enjoyed running since school age, competing in events ranging from 100m track up to marathon as well as road and cross country racing at club level. I'm a qualified and experienced British Athletics Run Coach and Run Leader coaching at Striders of Croydon and Oxted Ladies Run Club.

This course is for you if...

  • You want to start running but don't know where to start.

  • You've had a baby and want to get back to running safely.

  • You are returning from injury.

  • You've had some time out from running.

  • You don't want to run alone and would like to find running buddies.

  • You want to build fitness.

  • You want to improve mental wellbeing and get endorphins flowing.

  • You want to improve general health.

  • You want to meet people in the local area.

  • You'd like to enjoy running in a non-intimidating setting.

  • You're looking for a sport / hobby to fit in around busy lifestyles.

  • You're after technique tips.










What's involved? It's a 6 week programme designed to improve fitness, get you running 5k and enjoy running.

The next course starts on Saturday 26 September - 7 November at 7.30am in Oxted.

You get 6 coached sessions, these are approx 1 hour and consist of a warm up, strengthening, main walk/run intervals, cool down and stretching.  You'll also get a suggested training plan to do during the week in your own time, technique advice, nutrition tips, ongoing support and a social circle of running buddies.

On completion of the programme you'll have the opportunity to run the 5K distance with the fabulous and friendly local running club Oxted Ladies Run Club.


I've had ladies complete the SHE ACTIVE running program who hated running at school, never considered themselves a runner until now who are still running strong and it's become a way of life. Here's what previous Walk to Run ladies have to say about the program:







Cost £42


Amanda is an excellent coach who helps you to enjoy running and instills confidence - I would recommend her to anyone starting running or restarting running after a break.

Annabel McKeran

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